Covid-19 Message

Notice of Concert Cancellations for the Ashland Chamber Music Society
Brittle, Bright” and “3rd Relation Jazz

Greetings Fellow Music Lovers,

We hope this message finds you and yours safe and healthy during this
unsettling time.

It will probably come as no surprise that we have decided to cancel our
remaining 2 concerts of the Ashland Chamber Music Society’s 2019-2020
Season for safety reasons. The affected concerts are “Brittle,Bright”
(scheduled for this Sunday, April 19th); and “3rd Relation Jazz” (scheduled
for Saturday, May 9th). At the moment we are in discussions regarding
rescheduling both of these concerts for the 2020-2021 season.

We realize that many people who have purchased 5-Passes for the season
may have been looking forward to these last 2 wonderful concerts. With that in mind, we wish to offer the following options:

  • Hang on to Your 2019-2020 5-Pass: Although we have a policy that only accepts 5-Passes for the season stated on the Pass, we will gladly honor this season’s 5-Pass towards Brittle, Bright or 3rd Relation Jazz in our upcoming season. If these are not able to be scheduled, we will attempt to accommodate in some other fashion for the upcoming season.
  • Donate Your 2019-2020 5-Pass: Simply send your 5-Pass back (with your name(s) printed on the back) to receive credit for your donation towards our next season. These can be sent to ACMS at 65722 Lake Park Road, Ashland WI 54806

Although we regret any inconvenience this may cause, we remain hopeful
that all these measures to limit the spread of Coronavirus will help our area to be spared the worst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, which has been so devastating in our own country and around the world. And may we all manage to get through this crisis with a renewed appreciation of the beauty of our relationships and the power of music to heal!

With appreciation,

Sheila Mitchell, Chris Hulmer, Linda Barnes, Owen Gorman, Sarah
Szymaniak, William Handy, Abigail Gentry, and MacKenzie Harris

The Ashland Chamber Music Society Board of Directors